Message From The President

The Riverside County Black Chamber of Commerce is committed to Leading by Example

There is a word, Kujichagulia (ku-ji-cha-gu-lia) from the Swahilli

African language, which means “self-determination,” more precisely it
means to be responsible for creating your own life’s course, defining
who you are and not letting others label you or limit you, speak for
yourself, have your own opinions, and not just follow the crowd. Self
Determination is the foundation of great business leaders, in fact,
without self-determination, you really cannot lead by example. In our
personal life or business life the common dominator for success is to
lead and operate with self-determination.

RCBCC is committed to defining ourselves with a broad reach.
We are more then buisness, we are a non-profit organization with a mission
of holistic social entrepreneurialship. We are a membership organization dedicated
to offering products, services and educational programs for Black
Businesses and professionals. We create economic empowerment through employment
opportunities in the communities that our black businesses serve. We strive to make
our communities healthier both economically and physically.
As a Chamber we chose to portray economic empowerment, by modeling that behavior
and leading by example. That, is what Riverside County Black Chamber of Commerce
means by Economic Empowerment.

In closing, I would like to thank you to our many small business
members, our sponsors, our volunteers, our employees, our city
officials, and our local elected officials. As well as a special thank you to my
wife Sylvia Jackson, who has lovingly supported me very step of the way!
Moving forward we The Riverside Black Chamber of Commerse will continue to lead by
example and continue to practice
defining our own direction!

– Pepi Jackson
RCBCC President